Month: March 2018

What Is The Best Home Construction To Do In The Winter?

Winters have welcomed our homes for quite some time now, and we’ve got a lot of preparations to make. And along with cleaning out the garage and getting ready for spring, we also divert our attention towards home improvement.

But is winter really the best time for home renovation? We believe it is. For one thing, in winters contractors are less busy and whatsmore they have reduced prices.

But with that being said, there are some limitations to the renovations we can manage in the winters. So for your convenience, we have listed the major three remodeling projects that you can take on. Let’s dive into it!

1. Indoor Painting:

When it comes to quality construction, how can we leave interior design out of the picture?

Along with any architectural planning and construction projects, interior design is a must. Painting your otherwise bland and boring walls can not only be fun and engaging, but can also be done manually. Usually, we’d recommend that you take on the painting task yourself as it’s not really that complicated. But if need be, hiring painters to paint the walls can be incredibly easy in the winters.

Most contractors are relatively idle in the cold season, and we couldn’t thank that enough. However, it would be best to refrain from outdoor painting, as the cold snowy weather can impact the process. Make sure that the tools and paint you use are warm and easy to work with.
Getting Ready to do Some Painting

2. Outdoor Construction:

The outdoor architecture of a house is as intriguing as the interior. Home improvement does not only mean decorating the inside. Even in the cold clammy weather a number of outdoor construction projects can be taken on, and these would be cheaper in the winters, especially right before prices rocket for the spring.

A good old porch, replacing a garage door or window, improving on that sunroom; the choices are limited but still available if you have a witty mind. Outdoor construction projects are our personal favorites as there are tons of ways to get creative with them, and they augment the house tenfold.
The Outside of a Saskatchewan Door in the Winter

3. Ceiling or Floor Remodeling:

Tiles and flooring are two things that we love to focus on. It’s always a joy walking into someone’s home and seeing beautiful flooring or an intricate ceiling. It is arguable that this can even make or break the atmosphere of a room.

There are hundreds of different things you can do with the ceiling or the floor. Giving it a splash of colour or a wood and rustic feel is always a solid option.
Hardwood Flooring in a Regina Home
While the winter season does bring cold feet and stuffy noses, it also gives way to hundreds of new construction opportunities, each one radiating its own unique light.

If you’re looking for contractors that work all year round, consider Valhalla Construction Inc. They have a great bunch of staff and offer competitive rates. Their promise is that of quality and productivity, and they have certainly lived up to it.

Happy renovating!

10 Fun Home Renovation Ideas for Your March Break

March breaks in Saskatchewan can be as intriguing as any other vacation. However, as creatures of curiosity, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance house renovation. And as market prices rocket for the spring, we look for cheaper and easier ways to redesign the house.

So without further ado, we present to you 10 unique and innovative home renovation ideas.

1. Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl flooring tiles are the most modern form of tiling, and they’ve just entered the market. They can be found at cheap prices, and will be more durable and effective.
Funky Vinyl Flooring in Saskatchewan

2. Extra Lighting:

When it comes to interior designing, there is never enough lighting. Try to balance lighting by making sure that every light source has another similar light source opposite to it to minimize shadows.
Regina Room Lighting

3. Matching Colors:

This should go without saying, but we’ve seen so many houses with colors that don’t complement each other. Make sure that the colors of the wall complement one another, and that the furniture and décor in the room also matches.
Picking Matching Colours of your Saskatchewan Home

4. Starburst Clock or Mirrors:

Starburst mirrors and clocks have been on the market for as long as we can remember. These have a central mirror or clock augmented with a radial and concentric arrangement of wooden or metal spikes to give it a “bursting” look.
Starburst Decorative Clock in Regina
Photo by: Home Stead Seattle

5. Sunroom:

For outdoor construction, sunrooms are our favorites. These are rooms attached to the outside of the house that features abundant sunlight, lots of windows or decks, and function as an observatory for the garden.
Saskatchewan Home with a Beautiful Sunroom

6. Faux Brick Walls:

Brick textured walls have gone out of fashion. But faux brick walls give your house that classic traditional look while also ensuring that your house has reinforcement and strength.
Faux Brick Wall Constructed by Valhalla in Regina

7. Miniature Pond:

Gardens are our most favorite part of houses. They can be altered and decorated in a number of ways, and we like to get creative. One of these ways is to integrate a mini pond. Ponds can be relatively easy, though a bit complicated, and can even be done by yourself. And you can even adopt a few ducks or geese!
A Fun Water Filled Pond for your Regina Home

8. Reinvent Your Garden:

As stated earlier, gardens or lawns are the most creative and innovative sections of a house. Reinventing the garden can go hand in hand with home building and renovation, and is the most fun and intriguing activity. However, if you can’t manage yourself, then consider hiring a gardener to help with your greens. Plant as many gorgeous and herbaceous plants as flowers as you can, and look for gardening guides online.
Getting Ready for the Gardening Season in Regina, Saskatchewan

9. Theme Your House:

Giving a unique and complementary theme to your house can be a blast. Try ordering spring themed furniture and wallpaper to prepare for the upcoming season, or giving the house an all classic look.
A Rustic Cabin Themed House

10. Terrace:

Terraces can be much more creative and aesthetic than a simple roof. Terraces feature railings, small rooms and observatories, and a whole lot of space for playing or having guests over.
A Terrance with a Table and Chairs