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Three Home Renovations to Hire a Contractor

Home renovations are technical, time-consuming and also require the supervision of a professional. There are several “do it yourself” home renovations you can handle without the help of a general contractor. Nevertheless, it can put your house at risk.

Home renovations can go wrong even with experienced builders; a professional contractor provides several benefits that ensure your renovation project is successful. Below are three home renovations you need a professional contractor.

1. Basement Renovation

Basement renovations are easily overlooked because we feel it is simple and a total waste of money to hire a contractor. But there is much more to basement renovations than framing and insulating walls.

We can easily put our homes at risk if fire-blocking and vapor barriers are not professionally handled. Underpinning your basement is dangerous, and you should leave it to the expert to fix; renovating your basement without consulting a trained contractor may collapse the entire building. It is better to hire a contractor than to destroy the whole house because of you are trying to save a few bucks.

Basement Getting Repaired in Regina

2. Structural Work

Structural alterations are serious business; these are home repairs you should never do yourself.

If there is a structural work you need to fix in your house, get a pro. Architectural works, if not correctly done can destroy the integrity of your lovely home. Should you need to repair or fix anything in your house, steer clear from major structural works. With the help of the internet, we get information of how stuff works with little or no cost; easy access to information has made us think we do not need the help of trained professionals, but it is wrong.

Hire a professional contractor to stop your house from collapsing or your floor upstairs to sag.

A Home Getting Some Structural Work Done on It

3. Roof Replacement

A roof is an essential part of the house; it needs the attention of a professional contractor. There are many horror stories of homeowners getting injured due to changing the roof without consulting an expert.

There are so many things that could go wrong if your roof is not handled by experts; it isn’t worth the risk.

Construction Workers on the Roof of a House

Benefits of Hiring a Contractor for your Home Renovations

There are excellent benefits you can enjoy when you hire a professional contractor to take care of your home renovations. Below are some of the benefits;

It saves time

Renovating your home takes time; you can save weeks or months on your project by hiring an experienced contractor. Hiring contractor will help you resolve any problems that may come up promptly, ensuring that the renovations continue to run smoothly.

Saving on Time with Valhalla Constructions

Customer service

One of the things you enjoy from a contractor is the customer support; they take the time to ensure that your plans for the project are accomplished. Furthermore, they are available to offer advice and to make functional changes that will benefit your renovation project.

In Saskatchewan, there are different contractors readily available to meet your building needs. However, Valhalla Construction Inc. is one of the best-construction companies that will professionally handle your building projects.

Happy Customers at Valhalla Inc

Three Reasons to Hire Us for Commercial Construction

Commercial construction or any other construction needs the attention of a trained, diligent, and experience Construction Company. Valhalla Construction Inc. is a leading company in the Saskatchewan construction world. We know how vital your building projects are, we have walked in your shoes. We know the right thing to do to make your commercial construction project a success; we are the right piece in your building puzzle. Our traits, quality customer service, and mission make us the right construction company for your project.

1. Our Traits

Our traits define us, it is our image, and that is why customers are satisfied; below are some of our characteristics, the reason behind the positive reviews from our customers.

We are ready to go all the way: from ideas to designs, blueprints to constructions an excellent commercial contractor will be there to help you actualize your building project; this is what Valhalla Construction Inc. is all about – we are there till the end.
Professional advice: one of the benefits you get from the best commercial constructor is professional advice. Valhalla Construction Inc. knows how to turn your ideas into amazing results. We are ready to share our profound knowledge with you to reach your goals.
Tech-savvy team: Valhalla Construction Inc. doesn’t only do the talk, but walk the walk. With several professional renovators in our group, there are no building problems we cannot solve. We know how paramount your commercial construction is to you, that is why we are proud to say, Valhalla Construction Inc. has the best tech-savvy team that has been providing top-quality services in the whole of Saskatchewan.
Transparency: At Valhalla Construction Inc. we pride ourselves with high-quality work. Working with us guarantees a transparent service with no deceptively low bid budget, over-hyped price or inferior work.
Written contract: to back up our transparency and to ensure client and contractor are on the same page, we write a detailed contract for all to see. It assures a smooth completion of your building project.

2. Quality Customer Service

At Valhalla Construction Inc., there are a lot of trained staff ready to provide answers to your home, renovation, restoration and constructions questions. We highly trained staff handles all our customers’ building challenges efficiently.

3. Mission

Our mission is to consistently create exceptional designs for the people of Saskatchewan and beyond. To ensure all homeowners get their dream houses with ease.

Everyone deserves to own a dream property, at Valhalla Construction Inc. we understand your language, and we aim to make your dream property a reality.

Home Construction Trends for 2018

2018 is here, and you probably think you missed out on the construction trends of last year? Don’t worry; this article is just what you need; there are super cool trends of 2017 that will definitely be in style for years to come.

Vanity Conversions

Vanity conversions became extremely popular in 2017; the best part of it is the unique feel it adds to your home.

No matter how popular it seemed, there is always a personal touch to it. However, if you cannot find the right pre-manufactured vanity for your home, you can always think outside the box or better still hire a professional to convert them into custom-made vanities. Your vintage consoles, old file cabinets, vintage dresser or buffet are still very useful; you can turn them into customized vanities that will make your neighbors go nuts with envy!

DIY Bathroom Vanity

Green Energy

Green energy is not only good for the environment its also good for your bank account.

The cost of energy is increasing daily; energy saving appliances and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are used by homeowners to reduce utility bills. However, less expensive surface upgrades are gaining more grounds. Solar panels, low flush toilets and many other energy efficient tools is not just a 2017 construction trend, but it is going to be around for years to come.

Green Energy for Homes in Saskatchewan

Out with the Gray in with the Taupe

Are you thinking of repainting your home? Taupe a great alternative; just like gray, it performs as a neutral with other colors. Taupe is one of the hottest construction trends of 2017; paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams named it as the color of the year.

Taupe color offers everything gray offers and more; it adds a sense of coziness, warmth, neutral and harmony to your home. Taupe works fine on exteriors, a perfect blending combo with the roofs, window frames, doors and surrounding landscape. Furthermore, it is not restricted to exteriors only; it turns up indoors on ceilings, walls, kitchen cabinets, molding, and furnishing.

Taupe Coloured Paint for a New Home Colour

Voice Control Systems

With top players like Google, Apple, and Amazon, entering the home controls market, building products companies are teaming up with these tech giants to invent products that can be voice controlled. Voice control systems are one of the top trends of 2017; homeowners are using sophisticated home automation systems for their homes.

Voice Activated Home Controls

Spaces for Outdoor Activities and Relaxation

We work harder now than before, retirements are delayed, so we need to make our homes a refuge to unwind.

Many homeowners opted with spaces for play and relaxation in 2017; houses with residential backyards, big enough for some outdoor activities.

Enjoying the Backyard on a Newly Constructed House

Your house is not just any building you and your family is occupying; it is part of creating a loving and lasting memories. It is part of your identity that is why it deserves a professional touch. If you live in Saskatchewan Regina your best choice is Valhalla Construction Inc.

How To Find A Construction Contractor You Can Trust

When it comes to finding a professional contractor for your building and remodeling project, no amount of caution is too much for you take. Selecting a random construction company or contractor without proper research may lead to disaster.

To learn more about choosing the right construction contractor you can trust, read on!

Licenses and insurance

When selecting the best construction contractor, the first thing you need to clarify is licenses and insurance of the company or contractor.

Licensed contractor makes the selection process easy and faster especially if you are not sure of the contractor’s abilities. Ensure your contractor has workers compensation and liability insurance; it will protect your property against unforeseen accident. Contractors who try to talk their way out of getting a building permit or have someone else obtain it; steer clear of them.

Contractors should also have a phone number that they can be reached. Contractors who want a quick decision and only accept cash payments should not be selected.

Having a Meeting About the Construction Project

Company Referrals

One of the best ways to know the capability of the contractor is asking for a reference, no company will stay long in the business if it has a long list of unsatisfied customers. Always ask for referrals from your prospective contractors.

It will help you know their level of expertise to expect from them. Professional contractors have an already established reputation for excellence and a list of references; do not engage contractors who cannot provide recommendations.

Furthermore, you can talk to the homeowners and suppliers your contractor works with if the projects are within your area. If you are not sure of choosing the right one, you can ask your friends, family members, and neighbors, for contractor referrals; your family members, friends, and neighbors are some of the trusted sources for contractors’ referrals.

Getting a Company Referral


The cheapest is not always the best. Likewise the most expensive proposal does not guarantee a quality service. Building or remodeling is expensive, but that does not mean you should save by grabbing the cheapest offer available. Get several quotations from the different contractors and calculate the average cost. It will help know the right cost of your remodeling project and also help you prepare your budget.

Saving for Construction on a Home

Written Contract

A written contract is essential when hiring a contractor; don’t be carried away by the process of hiring or selecting a contractor for a building project. Ensure both of you are on the same page to avoid misunderstanding along the way. Note that the bigger the project, the greater the need for a detailed contract instead of a simple one-page proposal.

Signing a Business Contract

There are a lot of highly trained contractors as well as unqualified contractors, don’t be in a hurry to engage any contractor for your remodeling project. If you live or have properties in Regina Saskatchewan that need remodeling, get a pro to help you out. Valhalla Construction Inc. has been around for years with the above qualifications and more. Contact them today for more information.

What Is The Best Home Construction To Do In The Winter?

Winters have welcomed our homes for quite some time now, and we’ve got a lot of preparations to make. And along with cleaning out the garage and getting ready for spring, we also divert our attention towards home improvement.

But is winter really the best time for home renovation? We believe it is. For one thing, in winters contractors are less busy and whatsmore they have reduced prices.

But with that being said, there are some limitations to the renovations we can manage in the winters. So for your convenience, we have listed the major three remodeling projects that you can take on. Let’s dive into it!

1. Indoor Painting:

When it comes to quality construction, how can we leave interior design out of the picture?

Along with any architectural planning and construction projects, interior design is a must. Painting your otherwise bland and boring walls can not only be fun and engaging, but can also be done manually. Usually, we’d recommend that you take on the painting task yourself as it’s not really that complicated. But if need be, hiring painters to paint the walls can be incredibly easy in the winters.

Most contractors are relatively idle in the cold season, and we couldn’t thank that enough. However, it would be best to refrain from outdoor painting, as the cold snowy weather can impact the process. Make sure that the tools and paint you use are warm and easy to work with.
Getting Ready to do Some Painting

2. Outdoor Construction:

The outdoor architecture of a house is as intriguing as the interior. Home improvement does not only mean decorating the inside. Even in the cold clammy weather a number of outdoor construction projects can be taken on, and these would be cheaper in the winters, especially right before prices rocket for the spring.

A good old porch, replacing a garage door or window, improving on that sunroom; the choices are limited but still available if you have a witty mind. Outdoor construction projects are our personal favorites as there are tons of ways to get creative with them, and they augment the house tenfold.
The Outside of a Saskatchewan Door in the Winter

3. Ceiling or Floor Remodeling:

Tiles and flooring are two things that we love to focus on. It’s always a joy walking into someone’s home and seeing beautiful flooring or an intricate ceiling. It is arguable that this can even make or break the atmosphere of a room.

There are hundreds of different things you can do with the ceiling or the floor. Giving it a splash of colour or a wood and rustic feel is always a solid option.
Hardwood Flooring in a Regina Home
While the winter season does bring cold feet and stuffy noses, it also gives way to hundreds of new construction opportunities, each one radiating its own unique light.

If you’re looking for contractors that work all year round, consider Valhalla Construction Inc. They have a great bunch of staff and offer competitive rates. Their promise is that of quality and productivity, and they have certainly lived up to it.

Happy renovating!

10 Fun Home Renovation Ideas for Your March Break

March breaks in Saskatchewan can be as intriguing as any other vacation. However, as creatures of curiosity, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance house renovation. And as market prices rocket for the spring, we look for cheaper and easier ways to redesign the house.

So without further ado, we present to you 10 unique and innovative home renovation ideas.

1. Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl flooring tiles are the most modern form of tiling, and they’ve just entered the market. They can be found at cheap prices, and will be more durable and effective.
Funky Vinyl Flooring in Saskatchewan

2. Extra Lighting:

When it comes to interior designing, there is never enough lighting. Try to balance lighting by making sure that every light source has another similar light source opposite to it to minimize shadows.
Regina Room Lighting

3. Matching Colors:

This should go without saying, but we’ve seen so many houses with colors that don’t complement each other. Make sure that the colors of the wall complement one another, and that the furniture and décor in the room also matches.
Picking Matching Colours of your Saskatchewan Home

4. Starburst Clock or Mirrors:

Starburst mirrors and clocks have been on the market for as long as we can remember. These have a central mirror or clock augmented with a radial and concentric arrangement of wooden or metal spikes to give it a “bursting” look.
Starburst Decorative Clock in Regina
Photo by: Home Stead Seattle

5. Sunroom:

For outdoor construction, sunrooms are our favorites. These are rooms attached to the outside of the house that features abundant sunlight, lots of windows or decks, and function as an observatory for the garden.
Saskatchewan Home with a Beautiful Sunroom

6. Faux Brick Walls:

Brick textured walls have gone out of fashion. But faux brick walls give your house that classic traditional look while also ensuring that your house has reinforcement and strength.
Faux Brick Wall Constructed by Valhalla in Regina

7. Miniature Pond:

Gardens are our most favorite part of houses. They can be altered and decorated in a number of ways, and we like to get creative. One of these ways is to integrate a mini pond. Ponds can be relatively easy, though a bit complicated, and can even be done by yourself. And you can even adopt a few ducks or geese!
A Fun Water Filled Pond for your Regina Home

8. Reinvent Your Garden:

As stated earlier, gardens or lawns are the most creative and innovative sections of a house. Reinventing the garden can go hand in hand with home building and renovation, and is the most fun and intriguing activity. However, if you can’t manage yourself, then consider hiring a gardener to help with your greens. Plant as many gorgeous and herbaceous plants as flowers as you can, and look for gardening guides online.
Getting Ready for the Gardening Season in Regina, Saskatchewan

9. Theme Your House:

Giving a unique and complementary theme to your house can be a blast. Try ordering spring themed furniture and wallpaper to prepare for the upcoming season, or giving the house an all classic look.
A Rustic Cabin Themed House

10. Terrace:

Terraces can be much more creative and aesthetic than a simple roof. Terraces feature railings, small rooms and observatories, and a whole lot of space for playing or having guests over.
A Terrance with a Table and Chairs

The A to Z on Home Renovations in the Winter Time

Home Renovations in the Winter

It’s been quite some time since winters made a comeback, and while most of us will revile this cold and clammy weather, we see this as the best opportunity to get going with home renovations. You see, the thing about winters is that most contractors are relatively idle during this time, and you can even avail reduced prices.

Contrary to what most might think, winters rarely inhibit renovation processes, but can actually enhance and accelerate the remodelling project, and will have your house new and renewed in no time. So there are merits to this awful weather!
Home Renovations in the Winter
While winters may be the best time to renovate and remodel an old rusty house, it is best to keep the following factors in mind:

1. What Can I Renovate During The Winter?

While there really should be no exceptions, winters do pose some inhibitions when it comes to home renovating. However, while the choices do have some limitations, they are nevertheless endless and various. Here are a few things that can be managed in the winters:

  • Indoor painting, plumbing and wiring renovation, renewing flooring, tiles, walls, basement remodeling, garage conversion, and many more.
  • Outdoor painting should be refrained from, however building secondary outdoor structures like porches, sunrooms, decks and many others.

Valhalla Construction Tools for a Building Project

2. Can I Find Contractors?

Winters may as well be the best time to find the best contractors and realtors. With tons of families planning to renovate in the summer season, realtors become too busy and might even up their prices to keep their finances going.

Home renovations reduce tenfold in the winters, and contractors and realtors are easier to find at cheap rates. So you can easily contact a local realtor and get your house renovated in no time.
As the spring season comes nearer, manufacturers tend to increase their prices. This can easily be avoided by purchasing all items in the winters when prices are lower, and renovating the house as early as possible.

Hiring a Home Contractor that You Trust

3. Vacations And Permits:

Winter vacations come as quickly as they go. However, even in the short time that they stay, they can be essential for home improvement. During the vacations, you don’t have to worry about the realtors interrupting your daily activities, and they won’t have to be distracted by people moving around the house.

In fact, if you leave the house for vacations, the workers will have a distraction and interruption-free environment. Just be sure that the workers are from a trusted contractor, as you don’t want to leave untrusted people alone in the house.

Getting Construction Permits is Easy in the Winter Time

In Sum

Winter brings not only fun and playful activities and a whole lot of snow, but they also bring in tons of new home improvement opportunities. Renovations in winter are actually better than those done in the summer. The choices are endless!